This is from an old blogpost I made in 2007. The concept I was playing with was that if ReST is modeled on HTTP and WebDAV is a way to do document collaboration on top of HTTP. Could you create a distributed system built on the concepts of WebDAV (document management) that was for other purposes.

The YAML centric API of Kubernetes I think validates some of these underlying impressions but clearly the idea was half-baked. What Kubernetes does is take this document centric API design idea I was promoting at VMware in 2013 and evolves it into something far…

This is a re-repost of an article on pipe I posted several years ago.

Pipe is a very powerful tool, behold:

tar -czf - [list of dirs and files] | \
ssh [user]@[server] "cd /path/to/place/files; tar -xzf -"

I learned this one from one of my bosses a few jobs back. There are a few unixy tricks in that command that took me a while to grasp. I’ve been using this trick for years now and I thought perhaps you would like to see it.

You create a tar archive and specify the file “-” which is your standard out…

In 2011, a million simultaneous requests per minute against a central inventory system would have been considered a lot. It would have been a remarkable system to have built in Spring. I was a replacement java architect brought in to cover a departing Java Architect while working as a senior consultant and my job would be to comprehend the departing architect’s design, evolve it as we discovered implementation problems, as well as head off any new challenges altering the prescribed design as the situation evolved. …

I can’t see the forest, there’s too many trees

Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), why do we use those terms? Is it some fundamental tenant of Cloud Computing? How does it fit with Developer-Operations (DevOps) and why we should care? What do these designations really tell us about what’s going on in computing and what changes when we introduce multi-cloud narratives into this mix of terms?


All “as a Service” layers are accidental complexity placed on a program which exists as a service or utility for its customers. These layers aren’t intrinsic to solving the core objective of…


Modern computing security is constantly fighting an impedance mismatch that is analogous to the Object Relational Impedance Mismatch known colloquially in the Computing and Computer Science communities as “The Vietnam of Computer Science.” I claim that the computing security issues we face regularly in the broader computing community will not abate until we address the fundamental dissonance in the basic models for security we use in the broader distributed post-cloud and post-software defined infrastructure world we now live in. …

In my CS degree, 25+ years ago now, I learned how to create a processor’s design mask, building my own 4-bit CPU and assembly language. We would move on to study CISC and RISK designs and assembly languages, then build compilers for them for real and made up languages. These were all arcane tools when I learned them but I sense even more so now.

I spent a few months using the Oculus Quest SDK in Unity3D and 30+ years after I learned software development I was amazed at how a complete novice today might be shielded completely from any…

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Cloud Software and Security R&D

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